Sunday, July 25, 2010

good night!

Well J.J. made it through 1 IV start and 3 blood tests. He took all of his new supplements/meds (3 tablets and one liquid) like a champ... with the help of a few treats. I totally don't mind at a time like this but his diet today has mostly comprised of a popscicle, canned peaches, ice cream, 2 giant cookies, 2 jellos, and... cereal! And there has been a definite cartoon marathon.

His first calcium bloodwork was .87 and now it is .91, gradually creeping up. Over 1 would be the lower end of acceptable I believe. They are giving him more IV calcium tonight and the plan is to poke him for bloodwork at midnight, 4 am and 8 am. Poor guy, hope he can get a little sleep. As many of you know, Billy can sleep through just about anything so I'm really hoping it will work out for Billy to wake up and help J.J. through the bloodwork.... I'm really hoping they'll wake J.J. up first and explain what's going on, not just let him wake up to getting poked.

I really doubt they'll let us leave the hospital before J.J.'s calcium is back up to one.

One plus is that tomorrow the Blizzardmobile will be at the hospital giving patients + families free mini blizzards, 12-12:30, one day only! How's that for timing! Good night!

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