Tuesday, July 27, 2010

J.J. gets to come home today!

They checked J.J.'s calcium levels at 7 am today and they're happy with them so we get to come home today! We'll have some follow-up appointments with some specialists but we don't need to be observed at the hospital anymore. We'll have some prescription supplements that we'll need to give J.J. regularly and we'll have to come in regularly to have his blood checked.

We have had such awesome care at the hospital and everyone has been so great, from the paramedics to the nurses in the ward. We must be getting older because every time we come to the hospital, the nurses and doctors seem to be getting younger and younger! ha!

We are so tired and I have been more fatigued than a usual hospital visit. The first day I was super mom and yesterday I totally crashed. Maybe because the first morning was so stressful. I'm finding it really draining at the hospital, there's a lot of waiting around and waiting really wears me down. Also, it doesn't take long for all of the difficult things/frustrations about the hospital to flood in even though we appreciate so many things about BCCH. It's been hard to have the family split up, and hard to leave J.J. and Billy there at night (only one parent can stay), so it will be really nice to all be together and relax soon.

Thanks for following along with us. We love you all!

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