Sunday, July 25, 2010

time to break out the blueberries!

so J.J. had a seizure this morning at around 10:30 am. It lasted a couple of minutes and it was pretty intense, including blue lips and gasping for air :(. Pretty scary for a few minutes there. The ambulance came and got me and the boys (Billy was on the sunshine coast for disaster daze) and J.J. has perked up a lot since then and actually other than pokes and iv's is pretty much having the time of his life. We've been watching cartoons, colouring, eating chocolate cookies the size of his head....

Anyways, his Calcium and Magnesium are really low so they are keeping us in overnight to get that back in order. At this point they are assuming that's what caused the seizure. We have to start up the regular Ca and Mg supplements, probably for good... which means lots of frozen blueberries and yogurt, J.J.'s favourite way to take meds. Good thing it's blueberry season! Gonna need to do a major stock up in the freezer!!!

Billy will sleep over with J.J. tonight and I'll stay at home with Jackie tonight.

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