Tuesday, July 21, 2009

11:15 pm Tuesday

I had a nap, and I'm planning to stay up with JJ tonight. We'll see how that goes. The plan is for JJ to get his chest wired shut tomorrow afternoon, but there is an emergency heart surgery that is going to take place tomorrow which may bump JJ for the day. We won't know until the afternoon on Wednesday if he's going to get wired up or not.

He's on a pacemaker for now. He'd been off of it for a few hours, but the doctors weren't totally happy with his rythm, so he's back on for a while.

He was awake earlier. Not completely, but he was responding by shaking his head. He said "no" to almost everything, even his favorite songs, but eventually said "yes" to "Do you want to listen to Blues Clues?"

He's doing well, and the surgeon said he was happy with how things went. We'll try to get an update done in the morning.

He's got some tubes coming out of his chest for drainage, looks like about 8 different things being fed into him for pain control and sedation and some other things. Overall, he looks good. Totally wasted, but good.

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