Friday, July 24, 2009

great night

J.J. had a great night, so that's a relief! The switch from morphine to codeine really did the trick! He would wake up periodically (maybe 10 times) and ask for a drink then go back to sleep. He drank a lot-8oz of milk, 8oz of water and some apple juice too.

He's looking a lot more like himself and just peacefully sleeping.

He still needs to get those chest tubes out, it looks like the air lea
k has stopped so they'll probably do that today. They'll give him some fast-acting sedation for about 10 min to do the tubes and change his chest dressing.

His bloodwork just came back and it's all normal so that's good. Last night it was a little wonky and his CO2 was high, meaning he wasn't breathing deeply enough on his own, but he seems to have resolved that. Last night he was on 3L of oxygen in the nasal prongs and now he's weaned down to 1/2 L. All good things!

He's still on the pacemaker. We'll see what the cardiologists have to say about that when they come for rounds this morning.

We're still here around the clock, Billy was here last night and I just got here after 7am. Jackie seems to be doing alright, lots of people we love
are taking great care of him. Last night he came in and saw J.J. He made a banner for J.J. with some friends that says 'get well soon J.J.' and we hung that up. We had shown him photos ahead of time so he knew what to expect. All he had to say later was "J.J. has a lot of wires!" He had a sleepover last night but he'll be in his own bed tonight and tomorrow there is a block party on our street so he'll like that.
Love Krista
I've been taking pictures but wasn't sure if you'd want to see them or not? He's starting to look a little less post-op now so hopefully the pictures will be ok now... Here's J.J. yesterday evening, starting to get fewer tubes!

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