Tuesday, July 21, 2009

8:15 Tuesday

JJ's gone in for surgery now. We had known that it would be open heart surgery, but were under the impression that they wouldn't have to stop his heart. This morning we found out that to repair the ASD (hole in his heart that they put in their last time) which they are going to do at the same time as replacing his valve, they will have to stop his heart.

So he's in now, and there's nowhere in the world that is more capable of doing this surgery, but it's still pretty hard on us. Doctors are saying he'll be out
around 1. We'll have an update sometime after that. Prob
ably a couple hours after as we'll want to sit with him while he's waking up.

JJ was really great about coming in two days in a row. He has a little hockey game to play with here and he is into it!

getting to the hospital!


  1. Just sending you love and peace.

  2. JJ I thought of you all morning and realize how much I feel like I am with you through all of this......we love you and Jackie more than you will ever know...