Tuesday, July 21, 2009

2:30 Tuesday

Just got a call from the Surgeon. They're stitching him up now. He says the surgery was difficult and took longer than expected but that everything looks good and they got everything done that they were hoping. We get to see him in a half hour.

They had to stop his heart for 110 minutes, and it sounds like he was bleeding a lot. So they kept him for a while to make sure that was under control. The old repairs were really calcified, and that made things a little tough.

Thanks to everyone who's been going through this with JJ. Thanks to the food bringers and well wishers and pray-ers and Jackie watchers.

We got to see Jackie for a couple hours this afternoon. Well, Krista did, I was sleeping trying to get ready for an all nighter tonite. Jackie lost his mind on the air hockey table. We found it later.

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