Tuesday, July 28, 2009

getting around

J.J.'s sitting in a chair watching TV and nibbling on some pancakes. I forgot that having no iv's means he has to get poked for bloodwork every morning. Bummer. But he's already thrown a temper tantrum over getting his temperature taken! He can get pretty grumpy in here, not that I blame him. It was hard for J.J. to get comfortable so he was up a lot with Billy last night. We're pretty tired and sore. Probably not as much as J.J. though! We're getting some portable monitors and portable oxygen so J.J. can make his way over to the play room... hopefully we can get him motivated to move around a bit.


  1. this is probably the one time I would do anything to get them to cooperate....including their favourite chocolate or something like that. Like Pavlov's dog he could begin to salivate at the thought of blood work.....JJ if you are reading this....know that I would take all the pokes for you if I could. And JJ I am taking my motorcycle course right now so I can learn to ride like Norman, Jared & Daddy.....xoxo heather

  2. Ya I let him eat a whole bag of gummy bears! ha! He got to hold on to it until the poke was over.