Thursday, July 23, 2009

tripping out

So J.J. had a good one hr nap at 2:30 (or 1:30, I can't remember now!) He has been really quite restless today. More so in the morning. But most of the time he drifts off for a minute or two then sort of writhes around. We got him out of bed and tried holding him in the rocking chair. He would be settled and then start, almost like when a baby puts their arms up when they're sleeping. He might have been having a falling sensation from the drugs. Especially later in the evening he started hallucinating. He is seeing things far away that he wants and is trying to reach. After a while Billy started going along with it and it seemed like they were picking apples and eating them. He keeps grabbing for things and trying to eat them. He also keeps saying he's hungry!! He's a little too dopey to eat too much. He had some ice cream, he tried with some popscicles but they just kind of melted.

About an hour ago we switched from morphine to codeine and tylenol so hopefully he will hallucinate less. |He's calm right now, watching a little more Blues Clues and occasionally picking apples. Hopefully this drug switch will do the trick and the rest of his sedative drugs will wear off.

He's not too impressed with all of the stuff stuck to his body. He pulled out an arterial line out of his arm earlier, but it turns out that was a good thing, as it was starting to go and his arm is a bit puffed out. Pulling it out prevented it from getting puffier and more uncomfortable.

The positive side of his restlessness is that he's taking care of his physio for his lungs! Oh ya I found out a little bit more about his lungs: because of scarring from when he was a baby the sack around the lungs is adhering to the lungs. That sack is not usually attached to the lungs and that is the bit of tissue that probably was interfered with during surgery.

Now it's 11 pm and J.J. has just fallen asleep, he looks really good and calm so here's hoping for a peaceful night!

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