Monday, July 27, 2009

J.J.'s homework

So J.J.'s main job is to get up and get out of bed, get moving and take deep breaths to get his lungs doing well again. He's not too excited about it, we're hoping air hockey and playing harmonica will do the trick.

We saw him crack his first smile when he was holding a popsicle in each hand. His nurse found him Mighty Ducks 2 and that got him excited (which mostly consists of raising his eyebrows at the moment!). He asked for more and now we're onto Mighty Ducks 3 and he's happy as long as we fast forward to the hockey parts! It's been making him the chattiest we've seen him so far!

Earlier today when he was sitting on my lap he said very practically, "Maybe better tomorrow."

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  1. Another reason why hockey is the best sport ever, awesome!