Sunday, July 19, 2009


J.J. is so excited to go to the hospital he has been begging to go today!! We have to keep telling him he has to wait until tomorrow. He loves going for a car ride in his pj's with mom and dad early in the am and playing with the toys at the hospital.... even though he can't eat/drink and has to do a few things he doesn't like, he's still stoked to go! (Getting weighed and starting an IV are his least favourite.) Hopefully he'll be this excited to go back two days in a row!! We've tried to explain things to him, don't think he really understands and pretty sure he doesn't get how he'll be feeling after he wakes up from surgery - hopefully he won't feel too ripped off! He's been practicing squeezing his Canucks pillow to his chest and coughing (he'll have to do that for physio when recovering)... it's really cute! We have some fun stuff planned for when he is recovering so hopefully that will compensate for feeling groggy and sore.

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  1. i love you so much. you're my favourite people.