Thursday, July 30, 2009


J.J.'s been running a low grade temperature (37.9) which could indicate Post-Pericardiotomy Syndrome, a bit of swelling of the pericardium (the area around the heart) that gets insulted from being bothered at the time of the surgery. PPS usually shows up in kids a week after surgery, in up to 40% of kids, and is more common in kids over 2. The symptoms are irritability (which would be hard to differentiatee from his general irritability), joing soreness (which he has difficulty expressing specifically) and a low grade fever. (Swelling of the pericardium too.) It would be treated likely with ASA, which is due to start tonight anyways because the chest tube is out and that was the last concern for bleeding (ASA is a blood thinner too). We just heard from the doctor though who is not worried till it's over 38 and even then all they'd do is ASA, which he is getting anyways tonight.

His oxygen Sp02's (sats or saturations) are higher when he sits up so we kind of need to keep him sitting up if he wants to keep the oxygen nasal prongs off! They'll likely keep them on overnight and monitor his sats tonight. We got off of the monitor for a few hrs at a time when we went to the playrooms, so we're almost just doing spot checks during the day already.

He needs a chest xray Fri am and on Sat am we'll poke him for blood again to see how his Ca and Mg levels are doing.

Eventually we'll need to take that tube out of his nose and start actually giving his oral meds orally. That's not his favourite so hopefully that won't be a huge fight.

He's still really itchy. Here's hoping this new medication will help!

J.J. and Jackie are already getting excited about planning the homecoming party. Jackie has been great hanging out with J.J. all day, making him laugh by doing silly things, being helpful and being a super-good kid. Mostly we eat, watch tv, go to the playroom and Jackie does projects in the room-different crafts or activities. Today he and I went to the cafeteria to use the waffle iron.

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