Sunday, July 26, 2009

staying the course

Well J.J.'s resting lots. All of the air that was in his chest cavity has drained out and his right lung is reinflated. Now he'll just need to heal over the place where the leak was. He's been doing a lot of sleeping. We haven't had wireless internet at the bedside for a while but hopefully it will come back later. Sometimes it gets discouraging for me that J.J. is slower at getting better, I think Jackie is feeling that way too. It's not really a big surprise given J.J.'s history though, I know. He's still doing better than last time and the really serious risks seem pretty much behind us now. J.J. just needs some time to heal. I am definitely getting lots of ideas for my work on the Critical Care family advisory being back in here again! ha! love Krista

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