Friday, July 31, 2009

oh no Cars mia!

The movie Cars has gone missing this am which knowing J.J. is a serious matter! It probably got borrowed by someone else, we're just trying to find it.

No more talk of PPS so it's probably not a concern. We're trying to get him to take all of his meds by mouth today so he can get the ng tube out of his nose tomorrow. He had his aspirin with some Fruit Loops this am so that's good. His excema on his chest is still really itchy. He had another terrible sleep because of the itchiness. They're switching to another treatment cream today that will be stronger. We can do regular creams between... any suggestions?? Maybe an Aveeno oatmeal cream or something. His whole chest is a rash. I have a cream here Glaxal Base as well but I'm not sure it's doing much.

We had an ECG today which J.J. hated, he hates anything involving stickers these days! We'll go for another wheelchair ride in a while to go for another chest xray.

J.J.'s getting up and walking around a bit, which is great!

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