Friday, July 24, 2009

sittin tight

looks like we'll be in the icu for a while longer. J.J. is still relying on the pacemaker, I think they said he has a junctional rhythm? We will be in the icu as long as he is on the pacemaker and they will review it every 24 hrs. Not totally surprising that we'll be in icu longer than other kids getting redos, that's our style! We know better than to get our hopes up about getting out of here/the hospital and when we're out, we're out. Still, it would be easier on our family to get up to the ward because then one of us can actually SLEEP with him at nights rather than having to stay awake to be with him as sleeping parents in the icu is frowned upon. One thing at a time. Being on the ward has it's drawbacks too: being bored, getting pokes for bloodwork instead of pulling it out of the central line, oral medications (which is a wrestling match often!). Of course we want J.J. to be in the place that is best for him and it looks like that's the icu for now.

They will leave the chest tubes in for now as they are still draining some and removing pacer wires could cause some bleeding. If the tubes stop draining, they may still remove them before the wires. Billy has put in a request that they save the chest drainage tubes so he can use them for fuel lines on his motorbike!

He woke up for a minute and was kicking and grumpy but is back to sleep. Hopefully he'll stay in good spirits today. If I'm with him he asks for dad and if Billy's with him he asks for mom... but he does that when we're home too. He likes the non-stop party.

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