Monday, July 27, 2009

good night's sleep

J.J. had a good night's sleep, (at least since 1), he's still sleeping really soundly. The nurse let Billy pull up a chair bed next to J.J. and he got a chunk of hours of sleep too. He's off now to cap off his sleep in the van. There is a lot of stuff to do today: remove air drainage tube from the lung, take some xrays, remove the central line, remove or clip the pacer wires.... but it's all working towards moving to the ward. Hopefully he tolerates all of these procedures well. The actual pacemaker boxes have been removed from his chest so we keep progressing. He is one of the few kids that actually eats food in the ICU, usually if a kid can eat they're outta here. Thanks to all of you for checking in on us and reading the blog. It feels good that so many people care!

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