Thursday, July 23, 2009

waking up...

Well, they took out the breathing tube at 10:30 and it has been a pretty crazy wrestling match ever since! He's been reallllly thirsty but he can't have anything for a few hrs in case the breathing tube needs to go back in. That, (and a few other things, I'm sure!!), is really making him grumpy. He's kicking and hitting and writhing around. He is also confused from the morphine, which doesn't help. I could climb into bed with him and snuggle him (not that snuggly, mind you don't forget he keeps kicking me....), but it's taking 3-4 of us at a time to stop him from tangling up in his multiple lines... The cardiologists would like to keep his chest drainage tubes in for another 24 hrs because one lung has a bit of an air leak. The heart had scar tissue attaching to the lung and it needed to be separated for the surgery, so some of that lung tissue is a bit dammage. I haven't been able to count all of the lines and tubes coming out of him, plus the incision likely hurts so it's not surprising he's a little grumpy.

We just sedated him a bit but he goes through the sedation quicker than most so it might not last too long. They're going to try and clean up as many lines and get rid of as many things as possible for now and then he can have a popscicle which will hopefully help!!!! He is soooo thirsty, he keeps begging even to have his mouth rubbed out with a sponge.

Well I better go eat before I get back at it....

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