Tuesday, August 18, 2009

clot's gone

We went in for a bunch of tests yesterday (echo, ecg, bloodtest and see the cardiologist) and they couldn't see any trace of the clot in J.J.'s heart now. We will still continue on the warfarin blood thinner for a few more months and start up the aspirin again too. J.J. has some extra heart beats, about every 3rd beat there is an extra beat. So the cardiologist is going to think about this for the next month until we see him again. J.J. has been on a drug called digoxin his whole life which would steady and strengthen his heart beat but it also slows it down and they were struggling to get J.J.'s heartbeat up to speed after the surgery and they're not sure they want to slow it down anymore! So he'll mull that one over. Obviously it's not an urgent concern. What's crazy about going to the hospital is that there are so many other kids like J.J.! Not exactly the same, of course, but hundreds of kids with similar courses, life-threatening conditions, long time in icu, same ups and downs, same scars.... J.J. is the heart superstar that we know, but it's amazing to think how many other heart superstars there are out there!

His red blood cells are still low so we will continue with the Iron and his Ca and Mg are still low too so we'll continue to supplement those.

We had a great time in Whistler last week, we had a gorgeous room and the kids were so excited. We have free tickets to the football game this Friday, which should be super exciting for J.J. (He asks to watch football on tv 4-5 times a day!) We're part of the Starlight Starbright charity that gives us tickets to lots of awesome things through Kids Upfront!

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