Saturday, August 8, 2009

resting up

We're all pretty wiped still. We've been laying low, barely leaving the house if we don't need too! Billy and I both feel like we're getting pretty run down, the stress and lack of sleep are probably playing catchup with us now. We've both been reading lots, Billy motorbike books and me a Nancy Drew marathon! I'm so glad we're done with the insuflons (leg patches), J.J. has such huge bruises on his thighs. It almost looks like he was kicked by a horse!

The boys have been spending lots of time today enjoying their presents from so many people-movies, music, painting, crafts, tshirts, food... and J.J. loves CFL of Saturdays! I taped some football for him because he is always asking to watch football but it's basically on once a week! J.J. is stoked that we can finally draw numbers on his chest again for watching football, one of his favourite fan activities.

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