Saturday, August 1, 2009

Enoxaparin patch in, ng tube out

So the Enoxaparin patch was put in last night. I don't think it hurt too much, the needle is apparently very small. J.J. expects pain in most procedures so puts up a big fight, even just to get a bandaid on. He had his first dose last night and second this am. They'll test his blood at 2pm on the dot today to make sure his levels are right. We will need to stay here to make sure his levels are right and when we go home with the patch (likely for 3 weeks) we'll need to come in weekly to have a new patch inserted and will also have to get the levels checked periodically, which will involve more blood tests. The next month or so will involve a lot of trips back and forth to the hospital for follow up appointments etc.

I offered for Jackie to go somewhere else tomorrow morning because he's been dragging a bit in the ams. But he said no, we need to wake up and eat breakfast and go right away to the hospital. He seems happy to come in still. The old sibling rivalry is starting to set in and Jackie likes to have my attention a fair bit so I'm getting a bit worn out but it's also nice that he's such a good sport about being here and I think it's good for J.J.--he makes J.J. laugh at least as much has he annoys him! Jackie was starting to get a little stir crazy yesterday evening so I took him to VanDusen gardens (2 blocks away), which was nice for both of us. The children's garden was awesome-there was a giant caterpillar, slug and snowboarder made out of plants!

He's taking all of his meds mixed with food now so we were able to take the ng tube out today (the tube that went down his nose to his tummy). Billy actually did it under the nurse's supervision. It was the tube that never ended! Glad to get that mucky thing out. It'll give his nostril a rest too. He was dreading it but it must feel good to get rid of it. A few times today he said "I'm better now!" His voice is still pretty quiet/nasal which could still be and after-affect of being intubated. He's not pronouncing his words as well as usual so hopefully that will get back to normal.

Not looking to the bloodwork this afternoon but after that there's nothing until the echo tomorrow, which is basically an ultrasound so he finds that pretty relaxing.

Both he and Billy had a decent sleep last night for the first time, the excema still seems to be there but he feels less itchy and could fall asleep. Billy's been here for 2 weeks straight. I started going home with Jackie at nights 3 or 4 days ago.

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