Monday, August 3, 2009


Thanks again everyone for following our blog!

J.J. needs to stay in another day because he's retaining a lot of fluid and they need to get that sorted out. If he has too much fluid on board then he could have water-logged lungs. His ankles were really puffy last night and today his eyes are really puffy. They've increased his Lasix dose and have added Spironolactone to the mix as well. His liver is enlarged so it sounds like that's where he's retaining the fluid. The lump in his arm is because it didn't get held down enough after he had blood taken. He needs to get blood taken this afternoon to check his blood thinner level and his Calcium level. Hope they get the Calcium right this time, even though we double checked that they were testing for ionized Ca and not total Ca last time they still didn't take the sample correctly. This has happened several times before unfortunately.

He has developped quite the growl and growls/grunts under his breath any time someone comes to the door or if we try to get him to do virtually anything.

Anyways, we're sitting tight another day and hoping to get J.J. moving around more and drinking more.

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