Thursday, August 6, 2009

trip to the medical day unit

Well the insuflon was so far gone after 3 doses that it woke J.J. up from his sleep last night when we gave him the injection. I think the bruising is really sore. So today we went into the hospital for a few hours and they took the old insuflon out and put a new one in. It seems the insuflon system isn't work too well for him so tomorrow when we go in we'll decide what to do. We might switch over to warfarin or start injecting the meds directly into his leg rather than into the insuflon. We'll see what the clot in his heart looks like on the echo tomorrow. The disadvantage of warfarin is that he'll need to get the levels checked by a bloodtest once a week for a while. J.J. wasn't too happy to get pokes today but our friend Jared came along and that cheered him up. Now that he's on blood thinners, when he bleeds, he really bleeds.... after taking out the insuflon I had to put pressure on the spot for at least 5 minutes and I don't think it felt too good.

Anyways, afterwards we went on swings at the park and had an ice cream sandwich which cheered him up and was hopefully some consolation.

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