Thursday, August 20, 2009

pharmacy headaches

I was disappointed to find out that apparently the amount of Iron we've been giving J.J. has been almost negligable. It's a shame for his health and his hassle of taking it since what he's actually been given (with the Ca/Mg which greatly reduces absorption no less) is 6mg of elemental Iron 2x day instead of the 30-40mg of elemental Iron 2x day. Despite what the original prescription said, the pharmacy misread it and filled it out this way. When the doctor re-prescribed it yesterday, a second pharmacy was about to make the same mistake again. I guess the pharmacists' reactions were that the doctor mis-wrote it? It can be stressful and tiring to have to be so vigilant for J.J.'s sake, especially in areas that are out of my expertise! I need some better stress management techniques though because I can feel the stress in my body. After calling 3 different pharmacies several times and emailing the hospital a few times it seems we've sorted it out and they will order in the right Iron concentration for J.J. today. We also have to make sure he's taking vit B and some folic acid. These really are only small blips in the journey, and characteristic of the journey, so pardon my complaining. It is nice to vent a bit though and I guess this is still an update of what we're up to!!

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