Wednesday, August 5, 2009


It seems like a lump or a hematoma is already building up around the second insuflon that was inserted yesterday. This is so discouraging because they are supposed to last more than a week at a time. The last one started to go after 3 days and is still a large lump in his thigh, now he's getting another large lump by this new one and I'm wondering where they will even find a spot to put a new one. I'm so sad! I hope it doesn't mean a trip into the hospital to look into it/ put in a new one tomorrow but I wouldn't be surprised if it does. The hematoma's are uncomfortable and he also has one in his arm still from last week. I don't understand clotting and don't get why he is getting clots when he is on anti-clotting medication. Maybe because there is increased internal bleeding at those sites because of the thin blood. This is a whole new thing for us! We just want everything to be over and for J.J. to be all better!

Here is a cute video that showed up on Yo Gabba Gabba today when the kids were watching tv. It's been my solace today :) I Found Love

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