Thursday, August 13, 2009


Well the cardiologists thought it would be fine if we took a trip to Whistler so we packed up the kids and J.J.'s medications and took a trip for an overnight stay. Billy's band had a show here tonight which came with 2 beautiful hotel rooms, so our family had one and it was a fun outing for the boys. They love having extra time with dad and the guys in Billy's band are some of their favourite people in the world so they're always excited to come along on band trips. Our room had a large flatscreen tv (for watching football, of course!), a gas fireplace, giant tub and a little kitchenette hiding in a closet... the kids are having a blast! After a "swim" in the tub, we read 6 chapters of the Mouse and the Motorcycle in the fold-out bed by the fireplace and now they are both resting peacefully. The tricky part of giving J.J. meds on the road is finding the right foods to put them in to make sure he'll eat it all up. I brought some yogurt from home (unfortunately no frozen blueberries!) but so far so good!

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