Wednesday, August 5, 2009

welcome home party + meds

We had an impromptu welcome home party a few hrs after J.J. got home, he'd been looking forward to that for a while! We had a lovely time, and thank you to everyone who stopped by to celebrate J.J. coming home from the hospital! He got a little tired after a while and just wanted to watch tv by himself in mom and dad's room, which is fine.... I'm glad he can listen to himself and know what he needs!

He was up at 4 am for a while but it's nice for him to be home in his own bed, he is already so much more rested after one night's sleep at home! He played quietly with lego for a while and of course the first thing he did when he got home was change his shirt and play some drums!

I know he's feeling better because I had to tell him to stop playing drums at the table, as per usual! He was happy when a few friends stopped by with a present and he has started calling everyone "baby" again, which for some reason Jackie and J.J. think is hilarious and has been the running joke this summer!!

It's an adjustment to be back home and be in charge of all of his meds + keep house, and a little intimidating when I'm not confident about J.J.'s health. For instance, he was a bit sweaty last night and when things like that happen we need wisdom to know whether it's a serious symptom or not. We were sent home with lots of resources and can always call or bring him in for serious concerns, but for the most part we just need to get to know him and what he'll be like right now.

We have 14 doses of medications to give him each day so that's pretty time consuming. It will taper off over the next few weeks. Here's our schedule for those of you that are interested:

9:30 Lasix
10 inject Enoxiparin
10-11 ASA tablet, Tylenol, Calcium/Magnesium, Advair, Iron

2pm Spirnolactone, Tylenol

Supper Calcium/Magnesium, Lasix, Iron, Advair
10 Inject enoxiparin

I guess eventually we'll need to start wearing an eye patch every day for a few hrs but that might be a lesser concern at the moment!

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