Tuesday, August 4, 2009

the park

Yesterday afternoon (Mon) I asked for a pass to take the boys out and we went to the park a few blocks away. J.J. was soooo happy on the swings. He was laughing and smiling and even walked around a bit at the park. We went to Safeway to buy ice cream sandwiches after, his favourite treat this week. We had to be back for 3 to get poked for bloodwork, which he was really sad about, so at least he had the ice cream to look forward to! The results of the bloodwork were that the blood thinner level is within the range they'd like it now and his Calcium is still a bit low. They'll probably increase his supplementation for that. In the evening I got another pass and took the boys to VanDusen garden. It was kind of a long bumpy ride unfortunately and J.J. wasn't too impressed. Jackie and I liked it, and we saw the set for Marmaduke the movie, they're filming it there. On the way home we stopped to watch field hockey and wheelchair races, J.J. was much more impressed by that!

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