Wednesday, August 12, 2009

trying local

I've decided to try out a blood lab near our house today. I'm a little nervous because we've always just taken J.J. to Children's because they're experienced with kids and then the results go directly into his chart which make it quick for looking up his history. But if they're only testing his INR (the level of the anti-clotting medicine) it might be ok to do it elsewhere, especially since they will report it to cardiology and it'll likely end up in the chart anyhow. We'll see how it goes. If we have to get the blood test 1-2 times/week it would probably be good to do it close by and save almost 1 hr of driving. If it doesn't go well though then we'll go back to Children's. One thing they have at Children's is the capability to do a finger-poke to test the INR but I'm not really sure if J.J. would prefer a finger poke or not... fingers are pretty sensitive. I hate bloodtest days... I dread the test until it's over!

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