Tuesday, August 25, 2009

roller coaster rides and running

I know it's been a while now, I keep meaning to update you guys. J.J. is doing so well. He's just flying along. I'm definitely exhausted and still trying to keep up with meds and appts etc. And, it seems like in some ways we're only now beginning to emotionally/mentally process some of what we went through this summer. But to look at J.J., you'd never know anything happened to him! Unless of course to notice that he seems to have more energy than he has ever had. To walk anywhere we usually have to drag him kicking and screaming but he has been actually challenging us to races and running at least 1/2 of the time!! Like I have previously mentioned, he has a much rosier colour than before and he's really looking good. We went to the PNE on Saturday and he rode on the kid's rollercoaster. On Fri. night we went to the BC Lions game and he even got to go down to the field before the game and for kick off. The boys are also thrilled with the BC Lions hats our friend picked up for them.
Thanks again to all of you, for following our adventure, for praying for us, for feeding us, donating to us, giving us presents and care packages, for your friendship.... we have appreciated all of your support in the different ways you have all given to us. I'll keep updating this for a while longer, but soon enough it's going to be more about what we're having for supper and less interesting to all of you!
Oh we did go into Children's today to test J.J.'s INR (blood thinner levels). We did a finger poke today (a few new routines for us to learn in terms of pre-registering and who to book appts with etc). It seemed less traumatic than the venous poke in the arm although he keeps insisting that is the way we should do it! His speech is coming along too, it has improved a lot over the last week or so. He's in good spirits, joking around, being mischievous and loving to drive us all crazy!

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