Sunday, August 2, 2009

waiting around

So J.J. had his echo today and the clot was unchanged. The levels of his blood thinner are too low so they've upped the dose. Normally they check it 4 hrs after the 2nd changed dose but that would be 2 am so they'll wait till 2 pm tomorrow. The problem is because it's a long weekend, there won't be a lab open to outpatients so he needs to stay an in-patient until he gets the test. We asked if he could go home on a night pass, and he could but we decided to stick around another night because that might be too confusing for him to go home then come back to this room. We're all tired, have cabin fever.... Jackie's antsy, I'm depressed, J.J.'s grumpy.... we can get a pass to go outside for a few hrs so we'll do that when it cools off a bit and have a party today if we can get it together.... hope that'll help.

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