Sunday, August 2, 2009

still fragile

It seems like J.J.'s still pretty fragile. He isn't moving too much and tonight his ankles were the most swollen I've seen so far. He's sitting alot and with this heat, that doesn't help the ankles either. He seems to be retaining a fair bit of fluid still, he still weighs about 1 kg more than he did before the surgery. We took him out of the hospital tonight which was nice but he was still grumpy and sad and tired. He did eat 3 ice cream cones though, so that's gotta count for something!! He had a fever that's gone up to 38 degrees and he fell asleep. He also has a hard lump in his arm where they took the blood yesterday. Hope we don't run out of spots to get the blood as he needs quite a few more blood tests in the next while. His veins are getting pretty used up! Hopefully his ankles will feel better with them up in bed. They usually get back to normal by morning. We'll see what tomorrow brings. Billy's still sleeping over with J.J. in his room and I'm sleeping at home with Jackie, although he'd like it if we all slept together at the hospital!

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