Saturday, August 1, 2009


Well I gave J.J. his dose of Enoxaparin tonight... I a little creepy! I have to stick a sharp needle into his leg-port. J.J. had fun watching the Riders-Calgary game tonight. He's been asking for a football party tomorrow so I think we'll have one!!

The boys had an epic air hockey session today... thanks to everyone putting in air hockey hours!!

Billy ran out to Richmond today to catch some bikes at the sand dunes. I had a nice hour at the VanDusen gardens tonight and picked up a bubble tea earlier today from Dragon Ball, my favourite!

Here's a picture of J.J. looking thoroughly unimpressed at getting his vitals taken!

We took J.J. outside onto the balcony tonight too:
I can hear the fireworks going off, wish I was out there to see them! I'd take J.J. out but he's not a fan of fireworks, they scare him.

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